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Terranor signs new contract with Linköping municipality

Terranor has been awarded a Land Management Contract for street and park, operating area 1, in a collaboration contract for Linköping Municipality. The contract covers operation and maintenance of the municipality’s streets, roads, pedestrian and bicycle paths, parks and more within central Linköping, both during summer and winter. It feels fantastic fun to be able […]

Terranor strengthens the competence in the company.

Today we have completed the first training in Terranor’s training initiative Diplomerad Platschef. The training is carried out based on six module spread over a twelve-month period. The goal of the training is to strengthen the role of site managers in the company and through increased competence contribute to achieving Terranor’s goals. The site managers […]

Terranor wins three major contracts

Terranor wins three major contracts Despite significant competition Terranor has won three road operations and maintenance contracts serving the Swedish Transport Administration. The contracts will be last for a period 4 years with two additional extension options of one year each. The joint contract value amounts to more than SEK 600 million. This is a […]

Welcome to Terranor

Terranor strengthens the organization and welcomes Peter Ekdahl as new Procurement Manager, Anders Nordlander as Accounting Manager and Patrik Persson as the new Area Manager for Area Middle at Terranor AB. Welcome to Terranor

Mutares acquires Nordic Road Services AB

On November 4, 2020, the German company Mutares acquired Nordic Road Services AB from NCC AB. In connection with the acquisition, Nordic Road Services AB will change its name to Terranor AB. The purchase includes ongoing contracts, personnel, machinery, and equipment. Terranor AB has 180 employees and a turnover of approximately SEK 900 million and […]