Terranor strengthens the competence in the company.

Today we have completed the first training in Terranor’s training initiative Diplomerad Platschef. The training is carried out based on six module spread over a twelve-month period. The goal of the training is to strengthen the role of site managers in the company and through increased competence contribute to achieving Terranor’s goals.

The site managers are a very important position in Terranor and play a crucial role in Terranor’s success. With the training Diplomerad Platschef, we clarify the role and responsibilities of site managers and give them opportunities through increased competence to develop in their current and future role in the company, says CEO David Margula.

After completing the training with an approved result, a certificate is obtained that you are a Diplomerad Platschef, which is a mark of quality that the Site Manager meets the level of
competence Terranor has in its Site Managers. In addition to our Site Managers, staff who have the ambition to develop further in the company also participate.